The interest in propane-powered mowers increases when gasoline and diesel fuel prices go up. You can help your commercial customers uncover the real costs and benefits by using the Propane Education & Research Council’s online or application-based calculator. The calculator lets your customers set their own criteria, such as number of mowers and hours mowed per year, and add in the current cost of diesel, gasoline and propane.

And, don’t forget to share that the Propane Mower Incentive Program is still available. The program allows commercial customers to apply for $1,000 toward a qualifying new propane mower purchase or $500 per qualifying mower conversion while supplies last. Download the application form,

There are also incentives from state propane associations in Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Texas and Virginia.

Here are some additional downloadable resources to determine if selling propane mowers is right for your dealership: