LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Cub Cadet showcased the latest in innovative products for the professional landscape and turf industry at the GIE+Expo, held recently in n Louisville, Ky., including a new professional hydro walk-behind mower, a full line of professional zero-turns and new turf equipment for the specialty turf market.

“We design all elements of our commercial line with the professional in mind,” said Dave Mullen, Cub Cadet vice president of product marketing. “We then put these products through rigorous testing with professionals, so they can tell us how we can improve. The result is a rugged, quality, dependable lineup that exceeds expectations of the pros who rely on the performance of these products every day.”

Here are highlights of the professional products:

Cub Cadet PRO HW Hydro Walk-Behind Mower

Cub Cadet is launching the new PRO HW Hydro Walk-Behind mower. The newest addition to Cub Cadet’s growing professional line was designed with direct feedback from landscapers across the country. The new mower features a fixed floating 10-gauge deck design with 7-gauge steel top and bottom reinforcements, available in 36-, 48- and 54-inch cutting widths. New sealed spindle assemblies with single-row ball bearings are maintenance-free for the life of the spindle.

The Easy-Trac Steering Technology provides smooth steering with hand lever controls requiring less force to steer, along with single-lever cruise control and straight-line adjustable tracking with finger-tip control. It also provides stability on hillsides and slopes while the infinite speed control matches user preference.

The rugged design includes the thickest steel yokes, beam and control center in the industry. A fully welded front axle provides increased stress tolerance. The higher clearance and weight balance allow professionals to easy maneuver forward or reverse over curbs.

Cub Cadet PRO Z Series

Unveiled for the first time at GIE+Expo last year, the pro-tested lineup offers an assortment of options for landscape professionals.

Cub Cadet’s PRO Z commercial zero-turn mowers set a new benchmark, providing more strength, performance and comfort than ever. The full lineup consists of the PRO Z 100, 500, 700 and 900 Series, designed to meet the needs of different-sized landscape crews.

The PRO Z line is loaded with category-leading features, including the only triple-7-gauge deck on the market, now available in 48-, 54-, 60- and 72-inch cutting widths. The steel cutting deck has three layers of 7-gauge steel, a rolled leading edge and side reinforcements, making it the thickest, strongest steel deck in the industry.

Cub Cadet engaged 100 professional landscapers in thousands of hours of rigorous real-world testing. Their feedback impacted final product design, addressing common setbacks landscapers experience over long seasons of demanding work.

Cub Cadet Infinicut

The Cub Cadet Infinicut brings enhanced performance to sports turf by adjusting to various conditions. The line of precision turf mowers is designed for user-adjustment to fit the specific field needs based on the latest conditions of the day. From the dynamic return floating head mechanism to the variable clip speed, height of cut adjustment, moveable bedknife and swappable dual power sources, the Infinicut provides more functionality that any other turf mower.

As the only all-electric sports field mower in the world, in battery mode, it is so cost effective that it can largely pay for itself through annual fuel savings alone. It can also easily convert to gas power if preferred. The hybrid configuration improves fuel efficiency, while the battery drive reduces noise. It is available in 21-, 22-, 26-, 30- and 34-inch widths.

Close collaboration over the past two years with the All England Tennis Club, which manages The Championships at Wimbledon, helped refine the product to provide premium results for improved tennis courts. In addition to tennis facilities, it is also ideal for golf courses.

Cub Cadet RG3

By using a proprietary positioning technology better than GPS, the Cub Cadet RG3 with Precise Path Technology moves precisely and safely across the golf course greens. It travels in straight lines and along the perimeter without the need for an operator, delivering consistent and repeatable cuts every time, so every green is mowed exactly the same way. The advanced robotic technology allows for mowing and rolling in a single pass with consistent overlap. The result is an unparalleled green-to-green consistency that provides an overall better short game for many golfers.

With uniform pressure and speed, RG3 provides straight lines and consistent overlap for superior-looking greens. Golf course superintendents who use RG3 have indicated that regular golfers specifically notice a difference on the greens and have reported higher scores because of the better ball roll. In fact, after a fleet of RG3s were implemented at a golf course in Florida, more than 90 percent of members surveyed indicated a noticeable improvement in the consistency of ball roll on the greens.

Fewer footprints and reduced edging was observed by golf course superintendents with RG3 than by using heavy rollers. RG3 also allows for it to be used after heavy rainfalls, as it does not damage the greens surface the way a heavy roller could when it is wet. There is a reduction in wear patterns on the collars and approaches because RG3 is programmed to not turn in the same place every day. It also turns with less abrasion than standard mowers.

To learn more, visit CubCadet.com/Pro.