Each year, Fortune issues its list of the world's most admired companies. Last year, Apple was number 1 and Deere & Co. was number 50. By 2025, Mahindra Group's "audacious" goal is to make the top 50, says Mani Iyer, president of Mahindra North America. And, dealers will play a role.

"How do we connect that goal to dealers? Our dealers are the pillars of our business. Mahindra is a local company and we have to get local with the dealers to gain awareness as well as build the brand. We expect our dealers to be our brand ambassadors," Iyer says.

Iyer says they will continue focusing on the dealer experience and the customer experience, drawing on the company's global network, such as Tech Mahindra, to incorporate advances in telematics, artificial intelligence, electric tractors and more. "We will surprise the market with future technologies," he says.

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