Woods Batwing Cutter offers all the features you'd expect from a company that designed the first batwing cutter more than 40 years ago and pioneered the smooth sloped-top deck in 1993. Woods released a batwing cutter solution aimed toward the large compact size tractor class earlier in 2010. The new BW15LH requires only 40 horsepower and boasts tongue weight nearly 600 pounds lighter than its nearest competitor.

Though targeted toward the 40-90 hp customer, the BW15LH contains many of the features of the Woods heavier class batwings. The smooth slope-top deck, which sheds water and debris, is easy to clean. Like all Woods batwings, the BW15LH has a superior cut quality providing a groomed look. Premium gearboxes have a five year warranty, fully baffled decks provide superior material distribution, and the BW15LH features a high quality category 4 CV input drive made in the USA.

"This product was designed and targeted as a solution for the rural lifestyle customer who does not have a larger horsepower tractor, but demands the productivity of a 15' batwing cutter. This unit stands alone in its class due to its productivity gain for the user with a lower horsepower requirement," says Rod Bowman, Vice President of Sales for Woods Equipment Company.

Woods has been a major manufacturer of rotary mowers and cutters along with many other tractor powered attachments for over 60 years. Customer focused, Woods provides solutions in an ever changing market. The rural lifestyle customer is one of many markets on which Woods is focused.

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