GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. — ASV Holdings, a provider of rubber-tracked compact track loaders and wheeled skid steer loaders in the compact construction equipment market, announces that it replaced its former credit agreement with a new $50 million, 5-year credit facility with PNC Bank as the lead lender. The new agreement consists of a $35 million revolving credit facility and a $15 million term loan, and provides for a significant reduction in annual interest costs and generally more favorable credit terms for ASV. 

Missi How, CFO of ASV commented, “Reducing our interest expense through the negotiation of lower rates with our banks marks another key milestone for our team here at ASV. Our financial performance and execution of our plan throughout 2017 enabled us to reduce our cost of capital and has put us in position to continue to prudently grow the enterprise. This new agreement lowers the weighted effective interest rate on our debt by approximately 3% points to approximately 5.1%. We expect that the new lower rate will result in an annual savings of nearly $800,000 in interest, with a corresponding amount reflected in our net income, on an annual basis, for 2018.”

The company expects to incur a charge in the fourth quarter of about $900,000 which reflects the remaining unamortized balance of costs associated with the previous credit facility, and a prepayment penalty at closing against the old credit facility. Principal payments of $500,000 against the Term Loan portion of the facility will be due each quarter.

About ASV Holdings Inc.

ASV Holdings Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of compact construction equipment. Its patented Posi-Track rubber tracked, multi-level suspension undercarriage system provides a competitive market differentiator for its Compact Track Loader (CTL) product line with brand attributes of power, performance and serviceability. It’s wheeled Skid Steer Loaders (SSLs) also share the common brand attributes. Equipment is sold through an independent dealer network throughout North America, Australia, and New Zealand. The company also sells OEM equipment and aftermarket parts. ASV owns and operates a 238,000 square-foot production facility in Grand Rapids, Minn.