Tractor loaders and attachments are invaluable tools for rural landowners. Unsafe use, however, can have tragic, even fatal consequences. Encourage your team to use this checklist to ensure they cover critical safety topics with customers. Keeping them safe is your responsibility. Then, keep a copy as part of their customer record, also giving the customer a copy.


with Customer

Operators manual provided  
Other owner information provided, including warranty card  
Loader, attachment specifications  
Key loader or attachment parts, including (complete discussion in the operator’s manual):  
- Controls  
- Hook-up mechanism (quick hitch, 3-point, fixed hitch; power take-off and/or hydraulics)  
- Counterweight, model specific  
- Guards and shields  
- Lights  
Safety decal information regarding danger areas  
Lubrication and fueling; see operator’s manual  
Safety risk discussion; see operator’s manual  
Safe operation practices, guidelines for operating loader, other attachment; see operator’s manual  
Trouble-shooting guide; see operator’s manual  
Maintenance guide; see operator’s manual  

________________________ ______________
Representative  Date

I have been instructed on the paragraphs above, received and have been instructed in the contents of the Operator’s Manual including safety signs, safety equipment, safe operation, maintenance, and the potential hazards of unauthorized alteration or modification of the product.  I have been informed of the warranty provisions and requirements. I understand the statements above and the potential hazards of operating without such guards or safety features. I understand that the operator is responsible for the safety of others in the area. I have examined the product and accept it as being complete and in satisfactory condition with all required guards.

__________________________ ______________
Purchaser Date