CARY, N.C. — John Deere introduces electric One-Touch MulchControl that allows operators to quickly change between side discharge mowing and mulching with just the push of a button. A mower deck equipped with One-Touch MulchControl enhances versatility and productivity while increasing convenience and reducing cleanup time to dispose of clippings.

This first-of-its-kind attachment is available for Accel Deep mower decks on John Deere X300 and X500 Select Series Tractors. Operators can easily convert between modes without interrupting the mowing process, making it practical to switch between modes based on changing mowing conditions in just seconds. In mulch mode, the One-Touch MulchControl regulates clippings dispersion in unwanted areas, such as driveways, landscape beds, near buildings, windows and parking lots. Side-discharge mowing is ideal around areas of the property where grass is too thick for mulching.

"When we asked how we could make lawn care even more convenient and easy for our customers, we thought, 'what's easier than a push of a button?'" said Mark Waldvogel, Product Marketing Manager for John Deere. "Operators can go from mulching to side-discharge mowing without interruption ­– allowing operators to attain a beautiful and healthy lawn faster," added Waldvogel.

How MulchControl Works

A mower equipped with the One-Touch MulchControl System delivers unprecedented levels of productivity and versatility. A heavy-duty baffle opens and closes to convert the mower from side discharge mode to mulch mode or vice versa. When the MulchControl baffle is open, most of the material flows freely out the discharge chute or into a material collection system. When the MulchControl baffle is closed, material stays within the deck and gets chopped into mulch and deposited in the turf.

Why Mulch Your Grass Clippings?

Mulching your lawn clippings is one of the best things homeowners can do for their lawns. Mulching returns clippings to the soil, that serve as natural fertilizer, which promotes lawn growth. This also helps to provide protection from temperature swings, and creates a water retention mechanism to help stabilize conditions in the upper layer of the soil.

The John Deere electric One-Touch MulchControl attachments are available for Accel Deep 42-inch (106.6-cm), 48-inch (122-cm) and 54-inch (137-cm). Mower Decks used on X300 and X500 Select Series Tractors, which are available at your local John Deere dealer throughout the United States and Canada.