CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Greenworks Commercial, manufacturers of battery-powered outdoor equipment for landscaping, turf management and golf maintenance professionals, today introduced Greenworks Elitea new "pro-sumer" oriented product line exclusive to the independent dealer channel. The new 40-volt Elite system complements Greenworks’ Commercial 82-volt system, also sold exclusively through the independent dealer channel. Together, the dealer-only families of lawn mowers, leaf blowers, trimmers, edgers and more provide dealers who cater to professionals and serious DIYers a comprehensive selection of cordless lithium ion battery-powered OPE tools and broader revenue opportunities.     

“We know that many consumers choose to shop for their gear in the OPE dealer channel because of the expertise and high-level of service that dealers deliver every day,” said Tony Marchese, director of independent dealers for Greenworks Commercial.  “However, much of what has historically been offered in that channel has not been a great fit for consumers in terms of the power and run-time they need. Through the introduction of Greenworks Elite in combination with our 82-volt Commercial line and our new zero-turn mowers that will hit retail this summer, we are excited to provide our dealer-customers a complete lithium ion battery-powered cordless solution for their shops. No other single company has ever before offered the combination of high quality, performance-driven, green, cordless OPE solutions specific to both customer segments in the Dealer channel, as Greenworks does now.” 

New Battery-Powered Technologies Fuel Dramatic Shift Away From Gas OPE Equipment

According to TraQline Data, which is the nation’s leading source on market-share information and buying trends, consumers purchased more battery-powered leaf blowers in 2017 than they did gas-powered blowers — a record-setting ‘first’ in the OPE category.  The trend has been led by new technologies in lithium-ion batteries.  One such technology is Greenworks new “Smart Battery.” Smart Batteries allow users to seamlessly keep track of their battery charge status on their smart phones, monitoring the tool’s energy efficiency and run time.  The “Smart Battery” system in the Greenworks Elite line utilizes a proprietary 40-Volt lithium-ion platform — in both 3Ah and 6Ah, Greenworks’ longest running battery. In addition, Smart Batteries are a boon for dealers, as they keep count of each battery cycle and help dealers to better service their customers’ warranty-related benefits.  The Greenworks Elite Smart Batteries are completely interchangeable between individual tools throughout the 40-volt system and feature a USB connection so they can also be used to power other smart devices on-the-go, such as phones and tablets.

Like the Greenworks Commercial 82-volt system, the Greenworks Elite 40-volt tools combine brushless motor technology and a proprietary lithium-ion battery power plant to ensure that DIY consumers have comparable run-time and power to gas-powered equivalents, with a significant reduction in noise pollution and the elimination of emissions.  In addition, each Greenworks Elite tool offers push-button start and Bluetooth Battery Connectivity, which allows users to gauge their tools’ current power levels in real-time.