Dear Rural Lifestyle Dealer,

Your rural lifestyle visitors may have little or no experience in operating farm equipment. While their knowledge of machinery is limited, their desire for ownership is strong. They will enter your store seeking answers from you, the expert.

For instance, lifestylers may underestimate the experience and skill necessary to operate rural equipment and it’s your responsibility to explain how to operate the equipment safely, while driving home that the equipment is a tool, not a toy.

Keeping your customers safe is not just the right thing to do for them. It helps your business, too. When an accident occurs, liability issues may pop up and anybody who has been involved with the equipment could be pulled into the litigation.

Rural Lifestyle Dealer collaborated with industry experts to create this FREE eGuide that is full of important knowledge, strategies and advice to ensure your customers stay safe while operating the equipment you sell.

Learn how to create safety materials for your customers to prove your dedication to them and showcase your equipment knowledge.

Make Sure to Sell Safety, Too

Don’t underestimate the value of taking extensive measures to explain safety procedures or give safety training to your customers and staff.

Your concern over customers’ safety and walking them through the operation of equipment can differentiate your dealership from other choices in town. Customers recognize when a sales force is well-versed about the equipment that they sell. When they feel that this knowledge and experience is found only at your store, they’ll keep coming back. This FREE eGuide will provide you with valuable tips and advice on how to adequately share safety procedures with your customers.

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Proper Use of Rollover Protective Structures

Overturned tractors are the leading cause of agricultural deaths in the U.S., according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). National data suggests that 1 of every 10 tractor operators overturns a tractor in their lifetime. The NIOSH estimates that fatality numbers could be reduced by at least 71% if all tractors were equipped with Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS).

Teaching customers how to properly operate a tractor and incorporate ROPS is critical. Customers will be safer and so will the dealership, as accidents can pose a huge liability threat to dealerships.

This FREE eGuide will provide you with critical information regarding ROPS and how you and your customers can use them to keep everyone safe.


Safe Operation of Utility Vehicles

Utility task vehicles (UTV) are the new workhorses on rural acreages and offer equipment dealers a way to increase their rural lifestyle customer base. Dealers can highlight the ability of UTVs to transport, tow, haul and more, but they also must warn customers that UTVs can cause serious injury or death when operated incorrectly.

Download this FREE eGuide to learn what you can do to keep your customers safe. From promoting safety during the sale, to creating and emphasizing a pre-operation checklist, to dispelling common UTV misconceptions, you will gain the knowledge to properly sell a valuable piece of equipment.

Safe Operation of Chain Saws

Chain saws are a necessary tool for the rural lifestyle, but can be 5 times more dangerous than driving a racecar, according to experts. Improper use of chain saws can lead to fatalities. By not teaching your customers the safest ways to use chain saws, you are putting your business at risk of liability issues.

Download this FREE eGuide to learn the guidelines for discussing safety during the sales process to keep your customers and your dealership safe:

  • Saw selection guidelines
  • Safety features
  • Proper personal protection
  • Preparing for the job
  • Safe operating practices


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