BOSTON — Black Ink Technologies, a SaaS-based customer and sales intelligence analytics platform for the durable goods industry, announced new sales enablement functionality to its Dealer CRM product, EyeOn Demand: Dealer.

“The real-time integration of sales-to-dealer to the end-user-customer data closes the loop on durable good product lifecycles, allowing the user to see dealer invoice data and product registration data side-by-side,” said Jeff Winsper, president of Black Ink Technologies.

EyeOn Demand: Dealer allows field sales up-to-date daily information on invoices placed by the dealer from distribution upstream and product registrations sold to end-user customers. This aggregated data on dealer sales by model number, product category type, invoice, and serial number allows users to the exact status and trend of sales from multiple points of view, such as turnover rates, sell-through rates, and registration rates. 

Management users can track daily goals of individual sales managers, individual dealers, and specific product or accessory goals across regions to compare status against the goal and against the time remaining to achieve it. Credit status of the dealer is also kept up-to-date, including any arrears information.