The use of leaf blowers is increasingly under attack in communities across the country. Some are calling for a blanket ban on this equipment, regardless of its power source. Many of the arguments for a leaf blower ban are based on emotions, not facts.

Landscapers are on the front lines to respond to this threat, and the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, along with the National Assn. of Landscape Professionals, are working to help landscapers educate their local community leaders, customers, and other stakeholders on the vital role this equipment plays in their communities, misconceptions about its design, and the importance of the people using the equipment.

Evan Dackow, owner of Jolly Green Tree on Long Island, New York, has been fighting leaf blower bans for years. During this webinar, held Aug. 29 at 1:30 EDT, he will share his experience with leaf blower bans on Long Island, how he's worked with communities for commonsense solutions, and lessons for other landscapers on how they can get engaged with their local officials.

The webinar is free for NALP members, and costs $39 for non-members. Learn more and register here: