BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — Toro is introducing the new PowerJet F700 Electric Blower. The PowerJet offers the highest cubic feet per minute (CFM) of any corded blower available to date. Offering an air volume of 725 CFM, the PowerJet outperforms standard blowers topping out at 500 CFM.

The blower also offers air speeds of up to 140 mph, which allows it to lift heavy, wet leaves while its .728 air horsepower provides efficiency. Weighing less than 6.7 pounds, the product is also designed to be easy to carry and quiet.

“Toro has a strong, trusted reputation for its blower/vac combinations, and we have been hearing from our customers that there is demand for a powerful, dedicated corded blower option as well,” explains Christina Howell, Toro marketing manager. “We knew our blowers could deliver more power and more air, and we took on the challenge to design a product with the largest combination of CFM and mph in the market.”

The PowerJet has additional features that make fall yard care easier:

  • Cord lock, which holds the extension cord firmly in place so it doesn’t interrupt yard work.
  • Variable speed dial to match the right power to the right job.
    • Low power around hard surfaces and landscaping to be gentle around certain parts of the yard.
    • High speed for tackling tough lawn chores and getting debris out of crevices.

The PowerJet is covered by a 2-year full warranty. Toro recommends a 14-gauge extension cord, which is not included.