ST. LOUIS, MO. — The Equipment Dealers Assn. (EDA) recently distributed the 2018 Compensation & Benefits Survey Questionnaire to thousands of equipment dealers throughout the United States and Canada. The survey will remain open through Sept. 28. This survey, completed every 2 years, collects data about staffing, salary, commission/bonus and benefits for agriculture and outdoor power equipment dealerships in North America.

The survey is the most comprehensive collection of data on dealership compensation and benefits and provides a benchmarking tool for management.  Results of the survey are broken into two separate reports, one for agriculture dealers and one for outdoor power equipment dealers. Both reports will be available in November, in time to assist dealership management with year-end evaluations. Also included in the report are a handful of sample HR forms like an onboarding checklist and notice of adverse employment action.

“We know that this survey is time consuming,” says Joe Dykes, Vice President of Industry Relations for EDA. “But we also know that it’s incredibly important to capture and share this valuable data with dealers. It not only helps them make the best business decisions possible, but ensures their dealership remains competitive in the areas of employee recruitment and retention.”

Due to the intensive nature of completing the survey, every participant, regardless of membership status with EDA, will receive a complimentary copy of the culminating report. Reports will be available for purchase for those who do not complete the survey questionnaire.

To make sure you receive a copy of the 2018 Compensation & Benefits Survey questionnaire or to ask any questions, please email