Altoz's TRX 561 and TRX 354 ZTR Mowers provide patent-pending technology for use on sloped, wet and untamed terrain and power through the harshest conditions. Equipped with rear-mounted tracks and rear torsional suspension, the TRX models help landowners maintain property that simply could not be efficiently or safely cut with a traditional zero-turn mower including retention ponds, slopes, low lands, shore land and rough terrain.

All TRX models feature Altoz’s patent-pending track system that provides maximum traction and stability with minimal earth compaction and minimal ground disturbance. The TRX 354 and TRX 561 feature a finish cut Aero Deck with adjustable baffles and multiple blade options, 12-way adjustable suspension seat with lumbar support and adjustable arm rests, new engines and graphics/paint combination.

Accessories for these models include collection systems, chute shutoff, lawn striping kit, receiver and standard hitch, mulch kit, discharge cover, mulch and lighting kits. Independent front suspension is an accessory for the TRX 354 and a power deck lift kit is available for the TRX 561.

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