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Ag-Bag Forage Solutions, is a single-store, 7-employee dealership in Astoria, Ore. It has evolved its focus from feed storage solutions to the wider rural lifestyle segment and recently relaunched its website and is integrating digital marketing solutions targeted at its growing customer base.

Jeremy Linder, who is part of the family that owns the dealership and is marketing manager, provides some background, explaining how he transitioned to a new website using Dealer Spike and how the new solution plus the ability to display all their inventory, boosted site traffic within 60 days.

He also shares about adding search engine optimization for the major brands, shortlines and lawn & garden equipment.

He says, “The more unique content you have on your site, the better you are going to rank on search engines. This is probably the most important thing because most dealership sites that feature inventory have the same content as every other dealer of that line.

In this podcast brought to you by Yanmar, we're joined by Jeremy Linder, marketing manager for Ag-Bag Forage Solutions, shares information about their email marketing program with Infusionsoft as well as how they use Google AdWords and Facebook advertising.

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