NEW HOLLAND, Pa.  — The new C245 Super Boom compact track loader offers the highest level of performance in a New Holland Construction vertical lift machine. With an operating capacity of 4,500 pounds, industry-leading breakout force of 9,188 pounds and powerful high-flow hydraulics, it’s the largest, most powerful New Holland compact track loader model yet. C245 will be on display at GIE+ Expo, Oct. 17-19, 2018, in Louisville, Ky, at the New Holland Booth #1054 and available to demo at the outdoor lot.

“The trend in the industry is for larger machines that are capable of doing more work in a shorter amount of time,” says New Holland Compact Track Loader Product Marketing Manager Ryan Anderson. “The 90-HP C245 not only delivers more power, more lift capacity, more hydraulic horsepower and more hydraulic flow, the rugged construction, smooth, stable ride and exceptional visibility allows operators to work with more confidence and speed.”

The massive auxiliary hydraulic system of the C245 dramatically increases productivity when powering high-flow, high-performance attachments like heavy-duty forestry cutters and mulchers, manhole cutters, high-flow trenchers and augers, and concrete and pavement saws.

“Time is money on any job,” says Anderson. “The C245 delivers hydraulic horsepower of up to 82 horsepower, and up to 40 gallons/minute of hydraulic flow with the high-flow option. Highly productive attachments that require lots of hydraulic horsepower and flow to work at peak performance work efficiently and quickly when powered by the C245. That means more work can be accomplished in less time.”

New Holland’s patented, vertical-lift Super Boom design provides long forward dump reach and fast cycle times. It reaches up and out to dump cleanly into the center of high-sided trucks and hoppers.

Operators can empty the bucket faster and easier, which in turn increases cycle times. “Whether loading gravel into a truck, stacking dense, heavy bales, placing pallets of brick, block or sod, or lifting and carrying other heavy materials, the bigger, beefier C245 is exceptionally productive,” says Anderson.

Superior cab comfort and visibility
“Comfortable operators get more work done,” notes Anderson, “and better visibility allows safer and more efficient work. This is an area where the C245 really stands out from the crowd.”

The C245 is outfitted with one of the industry’s widest, most comfortable cabs with plenty of head and foot room for easy access in and out of the machine. The cab’s outstanding visibility gives operators a clear view of the job site with lots of cab glass and the thinnest side screens. New steel front work lights with sidelamps deliver extra visibility during nighttime operations.