LOUISVILLE, Ky. — John Deere unveils its new line of M and R Series Commercial Walk Behind Mowers. With six models, including W36M, W48M, W36R, W48R, W52R and W61R, the new walk behind mowers address primary customer needs of productivity, operator comfort, weight distribution, and ground clearance.

“When speaking with customers, we specifically set out to understand the daily challenges they face with productivity and comfort,” said Carl Agee, product marketing manager, John Deere. “With our new line of commercial walk behind mowers, we focused on enhancing grip comfort with new steering controls, increasing operator leverage and machine maneuverability with new ergonomic handles, and improving ground clearance for curb-climbing applications.”

To maximize operator comfort, the controls for the new M and R Series walk behind mowers were completely redesigned. The new steering controls have an improved hand position and the control grips have recessed operator presence levers that provide a smooth contour during operation. The spring loaded neutral locks ease the release of the lock and keep it out of the way during operation. These changes reduce operator effort and minimize operator fatigue after a long day of mowing.

In addition, improved weight distribution and position of hand controls make it easier to raise the front end of the mower during curb-climbing applications, improving ease of use and reducing operator effort.

The 14.5 HP (10.8 kW), recoil start M Series line features speeds up to six and half miles per hour (10.5 kph). The W36M has a 36-inch (91 cm) deck and the W48M has a 48-inch (122 cm) deck. Both models provide four inches (10.16 cm) of ground clearance, which make the M Series models ideal for maintaining residential properties.

The electric start R Series line includes the W36R with 14.5 HP (10.8 kW), the W48R and W52R with 18.5 HP (13.8 kW), and the W61R with a electronic fuel injected 25 HP (18.6 kW) engine. Each model provides ground speed of up to seven and half miles per hour (12.1 kph). With up to eight and half inches (21.6 cm) of ground clearance, allowing operators to minimize damage to account properties and product. The R Series models are designed for demanding conditions and strenuous applications that landscape professionals demand.

The W36R has a 36-inch deck (91 cm), the W48R has a 48-inch deck (122 cm), W52R has a 52-inch deck (132 cm) and the W61R has a 61-inch (155 cm).

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