The EDC Technology option allows simpler, more precise electronic adjustments of Horsch's Joker RT Tillage Tool. It also includes various tracking capabilities to help operators achieve the desired tillage results more easily while providing improved monitoring of tillage activities.

The Joker EDC is an ISO-based technology, which works with nearly all ISO-compatible monitors. This allows operators to easily and precisely set the tillage depth, as well as the hitch height and caster height (RT40 model only), via the monitor without leaving the cab. Additionally, the Joker EDC includes GPS pucks for tracking speed and acres per hour. It has a lifetime acre counter and a resettable acre counter for recording the area covered. Other features include alarm diagnostics to alert operators of potentially damaging settings and situations.

The Joker EDC comes with a series of duty-based solenoids to provide a simpler, more precise solution for adjusting the Joker RT than timer-based systems. Also, it features externally mounted potentiometers for sensing hydraulic settings, allowing much easier replacement than those located in the hydraulic cylinders.

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