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The first-of-its-kind prospect satisfaction index (PSI) for the U.S. UTV industry was recently released by Pied Piper Management Co., a research firm that develops and runs measurement/improvement programs to maximize the performance of retail networks. The survey measured the treatment of over 1,100 mystery UTV shoppers at dealerships located throughout the U.S.

Rural Lifestyle Dealer discussed the results of the survey, and the industry in general, with Pied Piper president and CEO, Fran O’Hagan. O’Hagan says the process of selling and buying UTVs has distinct challenges related to the converging of the outdoor power equipment (OPE) and powersports markets. “It’s not always easy to be a UTV customer. Because the UTV market is still young, strong dealerships with skilled salespeople are an important competitive advantage for UTV manufacturers.”

See all of O’Hagan’s survey insights and more in this completely FREE eguide, packed with information to help you create a sales experience that leaves the customer with a high level of satisfaction.

The UTV Buying Experience

The difficulty being a UTV customer today can largely be attributed to lack of information available. Compared to the ease of searching for a new car, finding a UTV, or even a dealer that sells UTVs, can be a difficult task. O’Hagan says to make the process easier for the customer and the salesperson, retailers should have a very simple sales process that is easy to remember.  Download this free eGuide and see why O’Hagan says this 5-step process is a good starting place:

  • Build a rapport and sell yourself.
  • Ask about the customer.
  • Involve the customer.
  • Move from learning to buying.
  • Get contact information and follow up.

In this free Eguide, you will see how the manufacturers ranked in various categories and why it was important to survey using mystery shoppers instead of after-purchase customers.

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Where is the UTV Market Headed?

You'll also see commentary from Greg Boeder, senior partner with Power Products Marketing, on the trends for different segments within the utility vehicle category. He advises dealers to be careful about what brands they select to carry, to pay attention to the economy and shares other tips they should keep in mind to provide a good experience for the customer.

Staying Safe

Promoting safety rules with potential and new UTV and ATV owners could make all the difference in appearing as a dealer who truly cares about their customers instead of one just looking to make a sale. In this FREE eGuide, see safety rules like this and more developed by the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Assn.:

  • Always fasten your seatbelt, wear a helmet and other protective gear.
  • Avoid paved surfaces.
  • Drive only in designated areas.

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