Willmar Fabrication's Redball 642E 60 Foot Three-Point Broadcast Hooded Sprayer offers improved drift protection and spraying accuracy, making applications of herbicides, fungicides and pesticides safer. It’s lined with the original Redball Gen II Broadcast Spray Hoods, which feature a design that encloses the spray pattern, reducing chemical exposure to the wind. The Redball Hoods can also help deliver more spray to targeted pests, allowing growers to get more out of their investment and prevent developing potential resistance to the chemical.

The 60 foot toolbar size allows applicators to cover more acres more quickly. It has the same transport width as a 40 foot toolbar and features an over-center fold for added safety during transportation. The 642E is also available in 30 and 40 foot toolbar sizes, making it ideal for spraying along field borders and buffers.

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