Sunco's Double NutriFloater Combination Floating Row Cleaners/2 x 2 x 2 Starter Fertilizer Placement creates the largest yield increase of any starter treatment due to the fertilizer being placed directly in the root zone, not on the soil surface where it cannot be used. The Sunco Double NutriFloater System features Sunco Floating Saber Tooth Row Cleaners and the Double NutriMate 3 System. The Floating Saber Tooth Row Cleaners can be used with or without the Precision Planting CleanSweep system, and the Double Nutri Mate 3 applies starter fertilizer on both sides of the row eliminating the risk of seedbed damage like in furrow applications. This allows for higher application rates and promotes increased and more uniform root mass for higher yields. Starter is also placed at depth instead of injected like competitive systems, eliminating any possibility of fertilizer drift onto the planter.

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