New Holland Agriculture's Roll-Belt Round Baler with Goweil Kombi Bale Wrapper gives haymakers the ability to bale and wrap in one operation without the need to stop or make a second pass with an additional tractor and bale wrapper. Bales are wrapped as they are made, before touching the ground, to eliminate the chance for contamination from soil and further decreases the chance of bad fermentation and spoilage.

The Kombi bale wrapper’s ability to tightly wrap and create compact bales helps to reduce baling time as well as handling, wrapping and transportation costs. Dense bales also weather better with less loss because of their ability to shed precipitation and resist absorbing moisture from the ground. Roll-Belt round baler operators can place hay baled at a higher moisture in a tightly wrapped, protective sealed storage, which provides more flexibility for hay crop storage, because of the Kombi wrapper.

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