Ranging from 151-225 horsepower, McCormick North America's X7 P6 Tractor series features updates for enhanced comfort and performance, including on-board technology that makes the tractor user-friendly and reduces maintenance costs. The 6.7 liter engine features a unique Cooling Matrix system that facilitates opening of the under-hood radiators for cleaning convenience. Transport mode is enhanced by the exhaust brake system that, in combination with the throttle valve of the turbocharger, enables the operator to reduce engine rpm by operating the engine brake, reducing brake-wear during long hill descents.

The P6 transmission offers 30 forward and 15 reverse gears; and with the creeper option, 54 x 27 speeds become available. The Smart Auto Powershift feature facilitates automatic shifting between gears and ranges; the electronics choose the correct gear for the job at hand, eliminating operator intervention. The Stop & Action system controls forward movement and braking through the brake pedals that double as de-clutch controls. The X7 Series is available in standard and premium configurations. VT-Drive transmission is also available in the McCormick X7 Series tractors.

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