Fifteen Italian manufacturers are participating in the Italian Trade Commission's booth (number 1208) at the 2011 Ag Connect Expo in Atlanta, January 8-10.

In terms of sales, Italy is the largest producer of farm machinery in world, next to the United States.

The United States is the most important market for Italian farm machinery outside of Europe. Last year, U.S. imports of Italian farm machinery (including component parts) totaled approximately $402 million. Italy is the fourth largest foreign supplier and during the first ten months of 2010, exported $324 million worth of farm machinery and components to the United States.

For distributors looking to carry new equipment lines, Italian manufacturers offer competitive, quality farm equipment with proven performance.

The Italian companies that will be part of the Italian Trade Commission’s booth are:

Agrimaster: Forklifts, mowers, shredders; machinery and equipment for specialty crops, sprayers

Bertolini Idromeccanica: Plant protection, high-pressure industrial cleaning, water treatment, environmental maintenance protection, water mist fire control, etc.

Blosi N: Motorized and towed fruit harvester; orchard platforms: harvesting, pruning

Cermag: Air compressors, air conditioning, brakes and steering, chassis, superstructures, cabs, seats, hand tools, hydraulics and pneumatics, lighting, fuels, lubricants and additives, pumps, tires and wheels, transmissions, wear parts

Collari Edore: Rotary tillers, grubbers, subsoilers, normal and combined cultivators with roller hydraulic sections or rear discs, combined grubber + rotary tiller, combined machines for seeding with minimum tillage and machines for ground preparation or gardening, nurseries and horticulture

COMACOMP: components for agricultural, earth-moving and garden machinery and equipment

HT: Wear-resistant tools for harvesting, tillage and soil preparation equipment; knives for corn headers, forage knives, feed mixer knives, tines for rotary harrows, blades for rotary tillers, Y-blades and wear parts for plows, cutters, shredders and rollers.

Maschio Gaspardo: Agricultural implements for soil tilling and seeding

Nardi: Mounted, semi-mounted and trailed plows, simple and combined cultivators, rippers, subsoilers, “offset” and tandem disc harrows, tillers, mechanical and pneumatic seed drills, vacuum planters

Polmac: Electronic flow meters, mixers induction, ball valves, rinsing nozzles, pressure valves

Rinieri: Cultivators, shredders, subsoilers, mulchers, disc harrows, rotary tillers; mowers, brush cutters; equipment for specialty crops: machinery and pruning machines for vineyards and orchards

ROC: Forage harvesting equipment; mowers, windrowers (shown)

Simol: Jacks, jockey wheels and landing legs for the agricultural sector, car trailers, construction equip- ment and industrial vehicles

Tonutti: Hay and forage equipment; no-till drills, mowers, mower conditioners, rakes, bale feeders, balers, tedders, telehandlers, feed and silage mixers

Zappettificio Muzzi: Wear parts; hoes for rotary tillers, blades for shredders and mowers, tines for power harrows