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You know your business better than anyone, so why spend thousands of dollars a month to have someone else develop your marketing strategy?  Dealers Doug Vahrenberg, Lee Parish and Ben Garton wondered the same thing, so they decided to ditch the ad agency route and develop their own marketing campaigns, which saved them money and earned them better results.

Rural Lifestyle Dealer has teamed up with these three superstar dealership marketers to provide you with successful digital marketing strategies you can implement immediately.  This FREE eGuide is the tool you’ve been waiting for to get your successful marketing campaign off the ground.

And to make the eGuide even more valuable, we are including an interview with RDO Equipment, which can help answer your most pressing concerns about content marketing, public relations and more.

Getting results with do-it-yourself marketing IS for everyone! Get your copy of “Dealer Marketing Strategies Volume 3: Digital, Local & Content” today and learn marketing strategies that will turn your dealership into a successful, promotable business.

Selling Via Videos

The best videos are the ones that keep the view engaged as well as solve an immediate problem. Doug Vahrenberg, third generation owner of Vahrenberg Implement, focuses his video series on answering common customer questions. These videos became so successful that they captured the attention of YouTube advertisers, bringing a new revenue stream to the business.

Download this FREE eGuide today and learn techniques Vahrenberg uses to:

  • Increase customer awareness of his business
  • Extend market reach through various social channels
  • Monetize his videos

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Targeting with Facebook

A good marketing strategy begins with good content, and no one knows this better than Lee Parish, owner and operator of Parish Tractor.

Get this FREE eGuide today and learn the steps to creating sales promotions, sponsored posts and professional looking graphics and how it can boost your overall marketing strategy and MORE!

Leveraging Marketing Data

Ben Garton is chief marketing officer and part of the fourth generation ownership of Garton Tractor. He shares how digging into the data can make the most of your marketing budget.

In this eGuide you will:

  • Learn which online tools to use for data analysis.
  • Develop an understanding of how project management tools can simplify your organization techniques.
  • Understand how to design the perfect graphics for social media to grab your customer’s attention.

Rural Lifestyle Dealer is dedicated to bringing you the most relevant information possible to help increase your chances of success.  This FREE eGuide is full of digital marketing strategies you can use to move your business forward.

Target Rural Lifestylers with Content Marketing

RDO Equipment Co., is meeting challenges from the downturn in production agriculture by marketing to rural lifestylers. The content they produce informs, educates and solves customer pain points.

Download this FREE eGuide today and learn how content marketing can take your business to a whole new level.

  • Learn what makes the best content.
  • Discover who to involve in the creation of your content.
  • Engage your audience by producing content they actually want to read.

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