The end of 2018 signals a time to reflect on the past 12 months. For many, it’s a chance to wind down as well as celebrate key successes and learnings from the past year. Yet, when you consider the world of business, things certainly do not slow down during this period. In many cases, it actually accelerates. As a business leader, it’s important to maintain momentum and productivity to ensure employees can kick start their new working year in the most constructive and efficient way.

New Year in December

For most, the New Year commences on Jan. 1 and planning for the upcoming year kicks off on the second day of January. However, this immediately puts businesses at a disadvantage. It is far more efficient to start the year with an agreed, pre-existing strategy and plan. After the festive break we can continue working on projects we’ve already started, rather than wasting a period of time planning and organizing.

Get smart with projects

Another great way to prepare for the new year is to make the decision to either complete a project or bin it. Everyone has worked on a project which is behind schedule, seemingly endless and ultimately turning tedious. Sometimes it’s important to question just how critical that project is, and how much of a business impact it will have. Although admitting defeat can be tough, sometimes it can work in your favor. Perhaps if you were able to scrap this task, your time would, in fact, be opened up to a brand-new creative concept or simply, something much more pressing.


Setting incentives for your team to hit a deadline before the end of the year is a great way to keep employees motivated and productive during the festive period. Incentives are a great way to not only maintain momentum throughout the year but can also improve your company culture, something which is incredibly important, particularly in such a competitive business world. Motivation can come in many different forms too. It could be softer rewards such as team lunches and treats or cash bonuses and an extra day of holiday.

Full steam ahead

What’s absolutely crucial during this period is maintaining momentum. Business is a continuous cycle and, dependent on your sector is unlikely to slow down as a result of the festive period. Tasks need to be completed before the holidays commence, and your team should be ready and raring to go in the new year. Solving customer queries, fulfilling consumer demand and ensuring deliveries arrive on time is absolutely critical, so employees need to be prepared to continue their hard work throughout this period.