The Digital Tractor Dealer Organization, leading all-inclusive initiatives to support the tractor industry’s evolution of retail operations, announced the launch of, a pioneering web property that supplies tractor dealers with modern solutions, training on demand and actionable paths to advance their dealerships.

“Building from scratch allowed us to forge a state-of-the-art training platform with the best digital solutions available. offers blueprints to modernize any operation and tractor dealers also take possession of an elite digital playbook without an obligation to subscribe to a single product it contains,” said Scott Krausman, Founder and President of the Digital Tractor Dealer Organization. is home to a solutions system and a training-on-demand platform. Keynote features are effective stand alone and are positively enhanced when run together.

“While working closely with our tractor dealer advisory board, it became clear the construction of a complete ecosystem was required to deliver maximum and scalable value to the industry,” Krausman continued. ”This is the first of two website launches our company has slated for 2019. The early indicators from OEMs and tractor dealers about are all positive, so we're thrilled.”

During development, the Digital Tractor Dealer Organization engaged certain dealers to pilot components of the ecosystem and the initial feedback was compelling.

“Our dealership has implemented several digital initiatives over the past 12 months and we’ve experienced tremendous growth. I was looking for an online training resource to support our management team with handling the dealer admin functions for several of the new systems as well as best practices geared for the sales department. In addition to checking those boxes, the Digital Tractor Dealer Training On Demand pilot system included a feature called: We Covered This. It allowed me to use my smartphone to make custom content, upload it as a lesson and assign it to my staff along with aptitude tests. I’m very excited to hear that feature has made the final cut and is part of,” said Manny Alonso, Marketing Director at Ocala Tractor.