GIBSON CITY, Ill. — RhinoAg announces the launch of a new line of multi-spindle rotary cutters and an update to an existing series of similar cutters. The TW Series has been expanded with the addition of TW30 models. These units feature a domed deck designed to reduce grass buildup and promote easy cleaning, while full-length skids and tapered side skirts reduce gouging. These updates are designed to solve common problems that homesteaders and farmers frequently experience when operating brush-clearing equipment.

The TW35 and TW36 are equipped with the same cast carrier design that is seen on RhinoAg’s Flex-Wing rotary cutters.  In addition, TW20 units — existing cutters in the TW Series — are currently being updated with the new domed deck. After the TW20 models are updated with the new deck, TW10 models will be updated as well.

The newest series of multi-spindle rotary cutters, the TR Series, was created to withstand more demanding jobs with its new suspension and driveline designs.

“We’re proud to add the TR Series to our already-impressive lineup of cutters,” says Greg Pollock, sales and marketing director for RhinoAg.  “These units offer superior cut quality, easier maintenance, and longer life expectancy to give you the years of dependable service RhinoAg is known for.”