Updated John Deere 5R Series Utility Tractors include the 5090R, 5100R, 5115R and 5125R. Factory-installed, integrated AutoTrac and JDLink can be ordered and includes the John Deere 4240 Display and StarFire 6000 Receiver. Other factory-installed options include a suspended front axle, variable-ratio steering, reconfigurable joystick, new front hitch and PTO.

The tractors connect to ISOBUS compatible implements. A 7.4-foot wheelbase, 60-degree steering angle and 12.1-foot turning radius make it easier to maneuver in small hay fields or to mow, rake or bale. Variable-ratio steering decreases the number of steering-wheel turns by 50% to achieve the tractor’s maximum steering angle. A reconfigurable joystick allows operators to easily switch the function of the loader joystick from controlling the mid SCVs to the rear SCVs.

Optional JDLink provides remote access to monitor critical tractor systems and functions. Machine information and programmed custom alerts can prevent downtime by helping customers avoid equipment failures. When JDLink is combined with Remote Display Access (RDA), producers can give their dealer remote access to the machine to troubleshoot potential problems, provide faster repairs or schedule routine maintenance.

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