GREENEVILLE, Tenn. — Ever wonder how and where your lawnmower is made? From welding, to painting the famous John Deere colors, to an assembly line made up of 105 people, there's a good chance that your John Deere riding lawnmower was made in Greeneville, TN. The Power Products factory is the highest volume facility for John Deere, producing a tractor every 40 seconds. The first riding lawnmower John Deere produced was in 2002.

Now, the iconic green and yellow lawn mower has hit a milestone in 2019. The factory has built its five millionth riding lawnmower. That's not including the other products this factory makes, like the original push lawnmower.

Power Products facility manager, Jeff Hollett, was the most excited to see the five millionth riding lawnmower, "We take immense pride in the legacy we have built here in Greeneville, and to know we have built 5 million machines is something we are really proud of."

Doug Hadler is the Manufacturing Tech on the line that produced the five millionth riding lawnmower and says that Hollett was cheering everyone on while it went down the line.

The factory has around 500 to 1000 people working there depending on the season. Large numbers compared to the 62 people who worked there when it opened in 1988. Hollett says, "Were very proud of what we've accomplished here in our 30 years."