Lumax's LX-1470 Lubrication Kit contains 11 of Lumax’s most popular lube accessories and allows its user to organize and store the lubrication accessories in a convenient storage case. The lubrication accessories are compatible with all standard grease guns, grease pumps and dispensing devices.

The Lubrication Kit Includes:

• LX-1205: 12 inch Grease Hose with Spring

• LX-1400: Standard Grease Coupler

• LX-1404: 90-degree Grease Coupler

• LX-1406: 360-degree Swivel Grease Coupler

• LX-1407: Right Angled Grease Coupler

• LX-1409: 4 1/2-inch Push-Type Adapter

• LX-1410: Needle Nose Adapter (3/4 inch)

• LX-1411: Needle Nose Adapter (1 1/2 inch)

• LX-1412: Needle Nose Adapter (7 inch)

• LX-1416: S.S. Grease Injector Needle

• LX-1418: Seal Off Adapter with Rubber Tip

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