The Ferris Pathfinder Series stand-on spreader/sprayers release both dry and liquid fertilizers. It is ideal for residential communities where navigating obstacles is important. Its low center of gravity enables the unit to hug sloped terrain while its compact 36 inch width allows easy access to smaller backyards. The Pathfinder XC FS2200 is ideal for larger properties or commercial sites.

Operators can efficiently change the depth of spray to 3 feet for trim spray and 10 feet for broadcast coverage. The Pathfinder FS2100 has a Spyker Hopper that is capable of holding 100 pounds for over half an acre of maximum coverage. The Pathfinder XC FS2200 has a Spyker Hopper with a 200 pound capacity for 1.1 acres of maximum coverage. The onboard spray tank on the Pathfinder FS2100 can hold 12 gallons of liquid fertilizer for maximum coverage of 1.1 acres, while the Pathfinder XC FS2200 has a liquid capacity of 16 gallons for a maximum coverage of 1.4 acres.

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