WINN, Mich. — Morbark, a manufacturer of forestry, biomass, recycling, land clearing, sawmill, and tree care equipment, recently added 5 companies to its worldwide dealer network for tree care products, including Morbark brush chippers and Rayco stump cutters:

  • BrenCo Equipment Supply & Technology, LLC, with four locations in Utah and Wyoming
  • Edge Equipment, Ltd., in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • L.F. George, Inc., with three locations in Wisconsin
  • RPM Machinery, LLC, with four locations in Indiana
  • Saw House, Inc., in Houston, Texas

BrenCo was formerly a Boxer distributor and has added the Morbark tree care line to its offerings. Their area of responsibility for Morbark and Rayco products is the state of Utah, as well as Lincoln, Uinta, and Sweetwater Counties in Wyoming.

Edge Equipment is the exclusive Morbark and Rayco tree care dealer for the province of Alberta, Canada. L.F. George represents the Morbark brush chipper and Rayco stump cutter and forestry mulcher product lines in Wisconsin and the western portion of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. They also sell Rayco forestry mulchers throughout Minnesota, Iowa, and portions of Nebraska and South Dakota.

RPM Machinery sells the Morbark brush chipper and Rayco stump cutter lines on a non-exclusive basis in Indiana. Saw House is the exclusive Morbark and Rayco tree care dealer for Chambers, Harris, Montgomery, and Walker counties in Texas.

“We’re growing our network to ensure we have the industry’s best customer support, delivered locally by knowledgeable and reputable local dealers,” said Casey Gross, Morbark Director of Tree Care Products. “It is important the companies we partner with continue to raise the bar and provide the high-quality customer service that people expect from Morbark.”