Pictured Above: Wisconsin-based rural lifestyle and power sport dealer, Power Pac recently added a second 10,000 square foot showroom dedicated to its turf and compact tractor equipment.

Power Pac, a John Deere rural lifestyle and power sports dealership, recently added a second showroom to its facilities in Marshfield, Wis., to better highlight its mower and compact tractor lineup. Because the dealer is located in central Wisconsin, weather can be a challenge if units are stored outdoors. To help even out the seasonal dips in sales, Power Pac’s new owners, Josh and Mandy Witt, added to the new facility in the first 5 months of ownership as they saw the growth potential for the line. With the additional 10,000 square feet of showroom and 6,000 for service and storage, Power Pac can now sell a compact tractor or zero-turn mower in a controlled climate in the middle of January, typically a slower month for the dealership.

The additional 6,000 square feet for service and storage is currently being used for customers taking advantage of the dealership’s new storage plan option, another tool to help increase revenue during slower sales months. Customers can add a storage plan on with their service plan which allows Power Pac the flexibility of choosing when they perform tune-ups on machines. 

“Spring and fall are extremely busy times for our service department,” says Josh Witt. “Our service and storage package plan will allow us the flexibility to perform tune-ups when our shop isn’t full with other service work. This will keep our service team more accessible during the busy times and busy during the previously slow months. The whole idea is to even out the peaks and valleys in our revenue stream while also creating new services for our customers and new sources of profit to our bottom line.” 

The service area addition was also built with growth in mind with reinforced beams and accessible electrical to add service bays when needed in the future. 

The addition also allows Power Pac the advantage of having flex space for events. The dealership recently hosted its first compact tractor clinic. 


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