It has been said that behind every American farm family, the back bone of the operation is the Farm Mom. Watch Washington Tractor's new feature honoring moms and the vital role Motherhood plays in ...

Encouraging local farm family values, Washington Tractor recently produced a heartwarming Mother's Day and local farm family video celebrating farm Mom's across the world! This three-minute video explores the strong roots and family teamwork required to successfully run a production farm. Produced by Washington Tractor and directed by Voortex Productions the goal is to share this story with the agricultural community.

As a leader in selling and servicing agricultural equipment including John Deere tractors, Washington Tractor strives to bring value back to the farm families of the Pacific Northwest. “The most rewarding and fulfilling parts of our business are the relationships and friendships we form with our customers and their families,” says Jim Hale, CEO, Washington Tractor Inc.

In the video Washington Tractor follows Jeff and Nick Snydar, owners of Snydar Farms Custom Farming in Everson, WA . The video crew had to keep the Mother's Day portion of the video confidential as Washington Tractor's goal was to surprise Suzzi Snydar (Mother of Nick and Spouse of Jeff) this Mother's Day as a special "thank you". Washington Tractor surveyed its employees asking for "The quintessential farm Mom" stories from our customers across the state. Suzzi Snydar and the Snydar family came up multiple times so that sealed the deal on their first Mother's Day piece. Washington Tractor also filmed their recent short film titled "The Heart of the Farm" out on Snydar's Farm as well.

"Farming takes a tribe to succeed at. Many times it's the Mothers and wives that are the backbone of a successful farming operation which is why we decided on showcasing this. Many times Mom or Grandma is cooking, cleaning, working on the farm, taking care of the books, AND taking care of children to name a few. Moms, Grandmas, and Aunts often are the reason growing up on a farm can be such a great experience. Thanks to all of them and thanks to Suzzi for exemplifying this out on their own farm and in our new video" said Tyler Musson, Director of Marketing for Washington Tractor.