OLATHE, Kan. — John Deere has added a new tractor to its specialty lineup — the premium high-crop 5115RH — and made ergonomic updates to its model year 2020 5GN and 5GV tractors. John Deere offers a new 5GV cab option for 5GN tractors, and a new optional front hitch for 5GNs.

The new 5115RH with base 230/95 R40 tires provides 26.9 inches (68.3 cm) of crop clearance to the drawbar and 28.6 inches (72.6 cm) of clearance to the center of the axle. Optional factory-installed integrated guidance, documentation and telematics, minimizes crop damage in fields where bedded crops like vegetables are planted.

“John Deere is firmly committed to the high-value crop market and to providing the best possible power solutions for customers who need these specifically configured machines,” John Doyle, product marketing manager for John Deere said. “In addition, farmers said they were frustrated with the lack of technology and data collection available in this class of tractor and struggle to find skilled labor to operate them. The 5115RH addresses these concerns with integrated technology and improved operator comfort, while delivering best-in-class fuel efficiency and hydraulic capacity.”

Operators can dial in optimal ground speeds between .28 mph (.45 km/h) and 30 mph (48.3 km/h) using the John Deere Command 8 Transmission with creeper function. This allows the tractor to maintain constant low speeds required for planting, harvesting or prepping beds for crops. The tractor is powered by a John Deere engine with 115 horsepower, eight percent power bulge and 36 percent torque rise to easily pull drawn implements in the field.

“Factory-installed integrated guidance is available to reduce operator fatigue and decrease chances for crop damage,” Doyle said. “Field mapping, spray documentation, data collection, ISOBUS communication and Section Control are also available to help customers make better informed agronomic and equipment decisions with data coming from their fields and equipment. Customers can share this information wirelessly and effortlessly with their trusted advisors or employees using the John Deere Operations Center.”

JDLink is the factory-installed option that enables tractor owners and operators to monitor critical functions in the cab or remotely. Machine health, location, operator efficiencies, diagnostics and service intervals can all be checked with JDLink to keep a single tractor or fleet of tractors running in top condition. “We also offer iTEC for customers. When the rear hitch is raised or lowered, this feature automatically turns the PTO off and on, reducing operator fatigue,” Doyle explained.

John Deere 5R Tractors feature a proven pressure-and-flow compensated (PFC) hydraulic system with variable pressure up to 2,900 psi (20,000 kPa) as optional equipment. This load-sensing system immediately initiates flow when required. When flow is no longer required, the pump returns to low pressure and to no-flow standby mode, maximizing fuel efficiency. In standby mode, PFC can be up to 30 percent more efficient than a comparable open-center system.

“PFC provides fast response and minimizes potential energy loss,” Doyle said. “This contributes to the overall efficiency of the tractor and delivers up to 30.9 gpm (117 L/min) hydraulic flow.”

For the model year 2020 5GN and 5GV tractors, John Deere announced several updates. Customers can now order the ultra-narrow GV cab on a 5GN tractor — available in 75, 90 and 100 horsepower. This ultra-narrow cab will continue to also be available on 5GV tractors with 75 and 90 horsepower.

In addition, 5GN tractors can be ordered with an optional front hitch — ideal for limb and leaf cutters, grass trimmers, debris sweeps and other front implements. “A front hitch adds versatility to this tractor and makes it more useful,” Justin Cherry, product marketing manager for John Deere said. “You can have a front implement working and at the same time have mid and rear implements working with each other. This means making fewer trips down the rows, which decreases input costs and improves profitability for the grower.”

Ergonomics, fit, finish and function were updated to enhance operator comfort and experience on the 5GN and 5GV models, according to Cherry. “The new location of the parking brake lever along with a relocated range and gear lever make it easier for operators to enter and exit the cab and improve ride comfort. In addition, SCV levers were updated to provide and improved feel and function on the 5GN and 5GV,” he said.

John Deere now offers the narrower 5GV cab option for its 5GN tractors and retains the ability for customers to order the larger 5GN cab with 5GN tractors if, desired. “The wider stance of a 5GN tractor, accompanied with the newly available 5GV narrower cab, provides excellent stability in hilly conditions while offering an ultra-narrow cab for situations where high-value crop and limb preservation are key to higher yields,” Cherry explained.