Weego's Crankenstein Jump Starting 12V/24V Power Pack houses features built into a compact power pack weighing just 9 pounds. Crankenstein provides 1,200 cranking amps and 5,000 peak amps for 12 volt systems and 600 cranking amps and 5,000 peak amps for 24 volt systems. Unlike many portable jump starters, Crankenstein will jump start 0 volt batteries safely and automatically. A premium OLED screen clearly walks users through the jump and communicates warning messages, light brightness level and connection quality for intuitive, effective and safe use. User training is not required. A built-in voltmeter measures battery voltage.

Crankenstein is built with reverse polarity, anti-spark, over-current, over-discharge, voltage detection and temperature protections to ensure the user, equipment and Crankenstein are safe. Crankenstein’s reinforced case is built to withstand the rigors of repeated use and handling in the harshest of environments. It is IP65 rated for water, dust and dirt resistance. Crankenstein’s battery is rated for up to 2,000 life cycles and will hold a single charge for over one year. An intense 1,000 lumen LED work light with adjustable focal length and brightness level is built-in offering 15 hours of extra light on a single charge.

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