MILWAUKEE, Wis. — As part of an overall business transformation that includes driving growth in commercial markets and introducing new enabling technologies, Briggs & Stratton Corporation today revealed more about its previously announced launch of mid-sized (1.5kWh-20kWh) lithium-ion battery system. The Vanguard Commercial Battery system and Briggs & Stratton application expertise allows OEMs to electrify their existing and new products.

"We have always had--as a core competency--the expertise to apply power to help our customers get work done," comments Dave Rodgers, senior vice president and president of the company's Engines & Power division. "We are now expanding beyond our traditional focus on internal combustion engines to also introduce a lithium-ion-based power solution."

The new 48-volt Vanguard® Commercial Battery system will be first available in 5kWh form and can be combined for additional capacity to power up to 20kWh. The commercial design is a fully integrated solution complete with a programmable battery management system (BMS) that allows for customization to the application while also monitoring the overall system. Customizable CANbus networks allow for integration to legacy systems and afford easy diagnostics. Briggs & Stratton will follow this launch with 10kWh and 2.5kWh packs.

These lithium-ion batteries, which are produced at Briggs & Stratton's location in Milwaukee, Wis., will be backed by Briggs & Stratton's extensive global support network.

OEM customers, mainly in the Government & Municipal, Chore & Agriculture and Outdoor Power equipment markets, have responded favorably with multiple customers in each segment working with Briggs & Stratton's power application experts on developmental samples. One customer has plans to introduce an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) into the government and municipal markets with the Vanguard Battery system later this year. Because of Briggs & Stratton's legacy competency of helping customers apply power, through the Power Application Center in Wisconsin, Briggs & Stratton believes it has a unique advantage in the marketplace. David Frank, vice president of commercial sales, says, "Our OEM customers realize that our expertise in power application combined with our fully integrated system of batteries, controllers and chargers allows them to meet their market needs faster and with less R&D and financial investment."

There is a robust 3-year product plan based on this technology and capability that will allow Briggs & Stratton to access additional markets in the future.