Schaffer telescopic wheel loaders are now available in the U.S. from Show Me Shortline Co. of Centralia, Mo.

Schaffer, a German company, founded in 1956 has been leading the wheel loader market since its first front loader for agriculture was made in 1963.

There are over 13 models to choose from, ranging from models perfect for hay and cattle farms down to the homeowner & skid steer markets.

Show Me Shortline’s founder, Chris Finck, says that the reason he chose Schaffer was because “the industry was missing a wide range of telescopic wheel loaders that represents the diverse needs of our agricultural population: from compact wheel loaders all the way up to the largest sized units. At Show Me Shortline, it's our job to bring in the leading manufacturers from around the world to the U.S., so Schaffer was a clear choice because they are the industry leaders for these type of machines.”

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Schaffer Agricultural Loaders boast high lifting heights, ability to fit in tight barns, and unprecedented durability and innovation.

“With Show Me Shortline we have found the perfect partner for our agricultural machinery in the US. They have the necessary experience and know the American market very well. The team is well positioned to sell high-quality machines and to provide a perfect service.” said Mario Middeke, export sales manager at Schäffer. Learn more about Schaffer here: