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Soucy S-TECH 012P

Booth: 3018, 3020, 3022, 3024

Soucy S-TECH 012P tracks can easily be fitted on John Deere 1770NT and 1775NT planters from 12 to 24 rows without any modification. By using Soucy tracks, John Deere planters benefit from a better soil contact surface — a surface five times as large as that for tires. In addition, reduced ground pressure allows users to increase greatly their productivity while loading their equipment up to the maximum load capacity. Tracks for corn planters increase flotation, reduce soil compaction and preserve soil structure. As a result, with more aerated soil, crops benefit from better rooting and growing conditions.

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Yetter Farm Equipment 2969 IntelliNject Fertilizer Opener

Booth: 5001

Maximize Yield Potential and Plant Uniformity

Fertilizer is an investment that promotes healthy, uniform plants, and that helps increase yields. The IntelliNject Fertilizer Opener places two bands of liquid fertilizer in the soil surface for early root interception and usage.

IntelliNject Features:

  • Places liquid fertilizer behind the planter closing wheels
  • Follows the ground contour during planting
  • Air cylinder allows in-cab adjustments to apply downforce or allow unit to raise when not in use
  • Provides placement of fertilizer up to 1 1/2” deep and 2”-3” off the row
  • Drag chain helps close the fertilizer disc opening and the seed trench 

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DigiFarm VBN

Booth: 7263

DigiFarm VBN is a privately-owned, sub-inch, RTK GPS network founded in 2010. DigiFarm’s network has grown to serve the primary agricultural regions of North America, including 36 States and Provinces covering over 450 million acres. DigiFarm is compatible with ALL GPS rovers & receivers, including John Deere, making DigiFarm a true one stop shop for all your cellular GPS corrections, data plans, and hardware.

Visit one of our participating Dealers or for your VBN Subscription!

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Cruiser Closing Wheels from Copperhead Ag

Booth: 8072, 8074

The Furrow Cruiser and Cruiser Xtreme closing wheels from Copperhead Ag products offer farmers an option for absolutely every planting condition. The wheels have angular teeth that will break up sidewall compaction and close the furrow. The width of the wheel will help with firming of the soil around the seed and will prohibit the wheel from flipping out any seed, even with shallower planting depths. This combination of aggressiveness and control, combined with a unique ability among closing wheels to resist mud and plugging, make these tools the go-to option for all corn and bean growers.

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Compact Clean Ride™ Row Unit from Martin-Till®

Booth: 71657167, 7169, 7264, 7266, 7268

When it comes to row cleaner performance, the patent-pending Martin-Till® Compact Clean Ride™ (CCR) unit proves you can pack a lot into a little space. As the most compact floating row cleaner on the market (measuring less than 14 inches from the face mount plate to the front of the unit), the CCR delivers superior performance when coupled with the Martin-Till® Smart Clean™ bi-directional air cylinder adjustment system. Its compact design allows for fitting on planters with nitrogen coulters or where full-size row cleaners can’t be used due to planter folding and unfolding issues. Parallel linkage delivers easy floating action, especially when paired with Smart Clean™ cylinders. Plus, its factory pre-assembled chassis saves time and makes it a cinch to install.

To learn more about the Martin-Till® Compact Clean Ride™ row cleaner and how it can fit into your planting program, visit or call 800-366-5817.



Micro-Trak Dual ISOmod™

Booth: 4584, 4586
Contact: 800-328-9613

Flexible, powerful, automatic rate controller — featuring Single or Dual channel control and multi-section capabilities. It is ISOBUS ready, connecting easily to existing control systems and utilizing an in-cab ISO terminal for setup and control.

  • Advanced rate control combined with flexible channel configuration options — choose from Normal, Parallel or Injection modes
  • Powerful Multifunction outputs to control on/off valve for Master, Relief, Flow Trigger or Flush functions

Designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of today’s precision farmer.

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RFM Auspoint Coil Closing & Gauge Wheels

Booth: 8911
Contact: 800-542-7659

Get the most out of your planter with the RFM Coil Wheel System! With the ability to limit cracking, close the furrow and self-clean, the coil closing wheel gives you better results. The spring steel gauge wheel has a coil design that acts as a cushion to overcome a bumpy ride and augers the dry soil away while the coil closing wheel augers in.

Stop by our booth for more information on this system as well as our new Kaler Corn Stalk Guide. These guides attach to the header snout, guiding the stalks past the gathering chain and idler sprocket giving you a better harvest!

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Flexible Shaft & Clutch Control Solutions from Ag Express® Electronics

Booth: 6011, 6013

Find cost-effective solutions for precise, more profitable planting at Ag Express Electronics®. We offer rugged, reliable, maintenance-free flexible cable drive and clutch products from Elliott Manufacturing®. The systems fit a variety of planters and provide mechanical advantages without the need for additional power sources.

  • FlexSeeder™ is an easy replacement for Kinze® and John Deere® chain and sprocket drives.
  • Row Control™ provides individual row shutoff for John Deere planters with Pro-Shaft™ drives. 
  • Surface Drive™ adds a mechanical drive system to Precision Planting vSet® seed meters. 
  • GroundControl™ is a simple and improved replacement for John Deere RowCommand™.

Ag Express® Electronics is the leading provider of service, repair, and support in precision ag, serving all North America from four locations in Nebraska, Iowa, and Indiana.

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County Clipper XLT

Booth: 8212, 8851

The Country Clipper XLT is a premium, fully loaded series providing commercial quality and unique features for residential needs. Standard features include the ContourDTSTM — pivoting front axle, maintenance friendly Stand-Up Deck, and easy-entry Wide Front Step. With your choice of one-hand Joystick or Twin Lever steering options, the XLT allows you to mow with ease. Optional accessories, including the handrail and deck lift jack, further enhance the operator experience of the Country Clipper mower. The XLT is available with 48”, 52” and 60” cutting widths, powered by a 24HP Kawasaki or 26HP Kohler engine. Visit a dealer near you for a test drive.

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H&S Introduces New "Black" Forage Boxes

Booth: 3474

Since 1967, we've been committed to building long-lasting relationships and high performance machinery. As we continue to grow and move forward we want you to farm smarter with our most reliable and innovative farming equipment!

For 2020 H&S Introduces Three Series of NEW "BLACK" Forage Boxes:

  • 5200 Series Front Unload available in 17’, 19’ & 21’ Models with or w/o Roof
  • 6200 Series Front & Rear Unload available in 19, 21 & 23’ w/o Roof
  • 7200 Series Front & Rear Unload available in 23’, 25’ & 25’ w/o Roof and Electric-over-Hydraulic Controls

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Schulte SoilStar™ VTX-300 30’ Variable Tillage

Booth: 3242

The SoilStar™ can do it all, from a light to an extreme tillage pass with aggressive concave discs; to a vertical tillage pass or seedbed preparation with straight discs, and everything in between. This is all accomplished with the ability to adjust the disc angle on the go from 0 to 22 degrees, along with the weight of 1,150 lbs/ft. The SoilStar’s disc unit has an adjustable disc angle from 0 to 22 and is adjusted hydraulically from the tractor cab. This adjustable angle allows for aggressive primary tillage with concave discs all the way to true vertical tillage with straight discs.

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New Electric Grapple for Sub-Compact Tractors from Worksaver

Booth: 8843

No auxiliary hydraulics to operate the clamp on a grapple? No problem with Worksaver’s (patent applied for) Electric Sub-Compact Grapple. All you need is a connection to the battery. Engineered for Sub-Compact tractors (up to 32-hp) with a loader to handle debris & so much more. The ESCG-48S and ESCG-48JD are opening up possibilities never before available to large and small property owners.

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