Pictured Above: Mitch Foster (right), takes delivery of a new Turfco T3100 Riding Spreader and Aerator from Brad Hendrickson, regional sales manager, Turfco Manufacturing. Foster accepted the new machine on behalf of his company, Simply Safer Lawn Care, of Wrentham, Mass.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — To celebrate its first 100 years of business as a provider of industry-leading lawn- and turf-care equipment, Turfco Manufacturing sponsored the “100 Years of Thanks Giveaway” in 2019 with its T3100 Riding Spreader and Sprayer Applicator as the top prize.

The grand prize winner in the landscape industry category for Turfco's "100 Years of Thanks" giveaway is Simply Safer Lawn Care of Wrentham, Mass.

Mitch Foster, owner/operator of Simply Safer Premium Lawn Care, took delivery of a new Turfco T3100 Riding Spreader and Sprayer Applicator in February.

"Simply Safer Lawn Care, with its commitment to environmentally sound landscape practices, is an exemplary commercial landscape company, and we are delighted to be able to give the grand prize to such a worthy company," says Brad Hendrickson, regional sales manager, Turfco Manufacturing.

"The T3100 is a very generous prize, and we are humbled and honored to be given such a wonderful addition to our equipment fleet by Turfco," says Foster. "We are a growing company with a lot of territory to cover, and I have no doubt that the T3100 will see a lot of use in the coming months and years. All I can say is, 'Thank-you, Turfco.’"

 "The T3100 controls are intuitive and simple to learn, so training time is greatly reduced, potentially saving companies thousands of dollars for training new hires," says Hendrickson. The unique steering wheel design offers more control on uneven ground and hills, while relieving operator strain. Operators stay on task more easily due to the hands-free speed control built into the T3100, too.

When combined with Turfco’s 3-in-1 Tank attachment, the T3100 is the largest capacity applicator on the market that can squeeze through a 36-inch wide gate opening on a residential property. Traveling at the optimal speed of 5 mph, the T3100 can spray or spread material over 240,000 square feet of ground per hour, and it’s agile enough -- with its front pivoting axle -- to readily maneuver up and down hills and over rough and uneven terrain including street curbing. For close-in work, the T3100 features a front-mounted hand spray nozzle and hand wand. 

Weighing in at just 500 pounds (dry), the T3100 is also light enough to be carrier-mounted and hauled on a truck, eliminating the need for a trailer. 

"The T3100 can really cover a lot of turf for Mitch," says Hendrickson. It can deliver precisely measured material spreads (such as fertilizer) in either 12- or 18-foot widths (6- or 9-foot effectively). The high-velocity, high-pressure spray system easily adjusts to 4-, 6- and 9-foot widths, applying extra-coarse droplets for complete coverage. We’re happy Mitch can enjoy all the benefits from using the T3100 beginning this spring!"