LAS VEGAS Commercial Web Services, a provider of digital marketing solutions in the commercial trucking and heavy equipment industries announce its selection as a preferred website provider under the Bobcat Preferred Dealer Website Program. The designation authorizes Bobcat’s 500 dealers in the U.S. and Canada to use Trader Interactive’s services to maximize their online visibility with a value-added package that goes beyond website design to include services that help dealers extend exposure beyond their website, increase generation and management of leads, and provide exclusive market insights that aid in making inventory and pricing decisions.  

The web development components of the package leverage Commercial Web Services’s expertise in building thousands of dealership websites that drive online traffic by delivering fast-loading performance, automatic mobile-friendly formatting, and search engine optimization that increases website visibility.  It also includes the industry’s first drag-and-drop web content management system, enabling dealers to maintain their website without hours of work or outside assistance.

Bobcat dealers who take advantage of the Commercial Web Services solutions also benefit from integration with parent company Trader Interactive’s marketplaces including Equipment Trader, as well as unique business optimization tools and reports available on the back-end TraderTraxx portal, where dealers also manage listings and monitor inventory performance. Highlights include: 

  • Automatic posting of inventory listed on the dealer website to the Equipment Trader marketplace, raising brand and dealership visibility for in-market prospects on their path to purchase

  • Competitive market data on most-searched makes, models and model years along with seasonal sales trends, market insights and inventory performance in both local markets and nationwide, based on Trader Interactive’s millions of monthly searches and more than 30 years of industry expertise

  • A lead management tool that provides a list view of all leads in chronological order that can be sorted by any filter, color-codes them by source (email, phone, chat, text, manually input), accommodates comments about each prospect, and allows leads to be assigned to specific employees and designated by status (in progress, closed-won, closed-lost, etc.)

  • Information on each lead’s search behavior including the time in market, high and low price range searched, and total listings and latest listings viewed, and latest units viewed through their Lead Intelligence solution, enabling dealers to focus sales discussions based on the shopper’s interests and budget

“Bobcat continues to create new ways for dealers to elevate their digital presence through their Preferred Dealer Website Program,” said Amanda Ayala, Vice President, Commercial Brands, Trader Interactive.  “The selection of our Commercial Web Services division as a preferred website provider under this program gives Bobcat dealers access to a wide range of tools and insights that can increase their visibility, shape sales strategies, drive lead conversion and help them perform at the top of their game.”