John Deere's 4M Heavy-Duty Compact Utility Tractor is available in two output ratings: the 52-horsepower 4052M HD and the 66-horsepower 4066M HD. Both feature Deere’s three range eHydro transmission with Twin Touch pedals, allowing for easy direction changes and increased productivity while decreasing operator fatigue. The eHydro transmission also includes eThrottle, LoadMatch, MotionMatch and SpeedMatch systems along with automotive style cruise control.

To make this one of the most versatile tractors available today, John Deere equipped the 4M Heavy-Duty with a category I/II hitch with telescoping draft links to simplify implement hook ups. Perfect for working in small spaces and low-light conditions, like barns, stalls and poultry houses, the 4M Heavy Duty features an innovative lighting package and a short wheelbase. With the tractor’s unique fore and aft work lights, visibility is significantly improved in low-light environments. Additionally, its compact 73-inch wheelbase allows for a tight turning radius while operating in small spaces.

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