Gibson City, Ill. – Dixie Chopper has announced a new online parts ordering website for Dixie Chopper customers — My Dixie Chopper Parts.

Every industry is adapting to the changing environment of how customers are interacting in the retail atmosphere. Even in the Outdoor Power Equipment industry, customers are opting for making online purchases now more than ever in the past.

If a customer is unable to make it to their local dealer due to schedule conflicts, proximity, or any other reason, Dixie Chopper has a solution with My Dixie Chopper Parts.

Some dealers have created online parts ordering options through their own website, but developing a parts ordering website is an extremely time-consuming project and requires additional resources for dealers. So Dixie Chopper has done the heavy-lifting for the dealer channel. 

Dixie Chopper is excited to launch "My Dixie Chopper Parts," a brand-new online parts ordering site. This new site will allow customers* to order genuine OEM Dixie Chopper parts directly from the factory with credit going to the closest qualified dealership. My Dixie Chopper Parts is now live and ready for customers to place orders.

“We are very excited to offer OEM Dixie Chopper parts to our end-users who don’t have a local dealer or can’t make it to the dealer during regular business hours.” said Warren Evans, national sales manager of Dixie Chopper. “We have thousands of end-users all over the country and we want to make sure their products continue to perform at the highest standards with genuine parts.”

Benefits for Dixie Chopper Dealers:

  • Dealers receive profit margin on every part ordered through the site. Making "Mailbox Money" great again!
  • Dealer’s customer receives genuine OEM parts compared to buying cheaper, often lower quality or imitation after-market parts from other online retailers.
  • Dealer’s customer has access to order Dixie Chopper OEM parts 24/7.
  • Dealers can reduce their overall parts inventory and overhead costs.
  • All returns and credits are handled directly through Dixie Chopper (hassle free returns).
  • Dealers will not be required to process payment invoices, maintain customer credit accounts, deal with sales tax, or be concerned if the payment will not be approved.
  • Dealership staff can assist other customers to increase sales and decrease additional overhead.

Most parts will be available for purchase on My Dixie Chopper Parts with the exception of parts requiring truck freight, including engines, decks, frames, and other large components.  

“The most important benefit of this new online parts ordering site is our customers receiving high-quality genuine parts,” said Dan Samet, president of Dixie Chopper. “Many after-market parts retailers sell will-fit parts and accessories that are not built to our demandingly high standards of quality and craftmanship that Dixie Chopper customers expect.”

*My Dixie Chopper Parts ordering is available in the U.S. only and is excluded in the following states: Alaska, Hawaii, and California.