Husqvarna Group has joined the global business network Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC) as part of its ambition to lead the industry in the shift to a low-carbon, resource-smart economy.

Over the last five years, Husqvarna Group has reduced its absolute CO2 emissions by 32% while profitably growing the business, by increasing sales by 16%. In joining the CLC, the Group is stepping up its commitment.

The CLC is a multi-stakeholder initiative comprising of some 80 organizations, primarily in the Nordic region. It is designed to support climate leaders by sharing best practice, policy approaches and strategies and by participating in regional and global policy development.

"Society needs to shift to a low-carbon, circular economy. The CLC's policy work will be an excellent way to take part in dialogue on EU carbon pricing, which is an important building block to deliver on our Science-based target to reduce CO2 emissions across our value chain in line with what is required to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C. We have set a high ambition that stretches to the emissions that occur when our products are being used. Insights from other leaders and dialogue with policy makers will help us get there," says Henric Andersson, president and CEO of Husqvarna Group.