Fulton, Mo. – A multi-year expansion program is currently underway at Danuser, a manufacturer of skid steer and tractor attachments used in agriculture, construction and other industries. The expansion is designed to meet accelerating demand for its products in recent years, enabling the family-owned operation to continue providing quality products and service to its dealers and their customers.

Glenn Danuser, co-owner and a fourth-generation leader of the company based in Fulton, Mo., said the expansion program is designed to help streamline production, improve cost control and increase overall efficiency. “In addition to keeping pace with current orders, we will have new products coming out soon, including larger products, that require additional, modern space,” he said.

The first phase of the project, completed in 2014, was a new 32,500 square-foot addition connected to the company’s headquarters plant. The expanded space is primarily used for laser cutting, press work, robotics, hand welding and receiving.

Phase two, completed in 2019, involved construction of a new, 11,600 square foot headquarters office building. The structure consists of flexible open office areas ringed by private offices and conference rooms, and a cafeteria that transitions into the existing manufacturing shop.

Danuser said the third phase is scheduled to be finished this year. “It will be a 6,500 square-foot metal building to provide more space for storing finished inventory, with a capacity for 1,400 products,” he said. “The additional space will enable us to shorten product delivery time to our distributor/dealer network.”

The new building is located about four miles off-site on land that has been in the Danuser family for many years and was formerly used for a dairy farm.   

The fourth and final expansion phase will entail expansion of Danuser’s powder coating operation, manufacturing and additional warehousing space on the headquarters site. Planning is expected to get underway early next year.

“We’re addressing the expansion needs of today as well as thinking about our needs for the future,” Danuser said. “The market for attachments has continued to grow, and a lot of companies are getting into the attachment sector. Our strength continues to be offering patented niche products and adhering to the same quality standards since our company was established over 100 years ago.”