Dennis BrazierWe recently caught up with Dennis Brazier, the CEO of Altoz, a commercial mower manufacturer based in Greenbush, Minn., to learn more about what differentiates the company for the competition and where he see the market heading in the short-term.

Rural Lifestyle Dealer: What's something that sets Altoz apart from the competition and the other manufacturers and other brands that are out there?

Dennis Brazier: When we started Altoz, the industry was in need of something different. What we wanted to bring to the market was something new with focus on function, quality and style. We also wanted a truly differentiated product that met a need that competitors were not offering lawn care professionals. Since our inception, we have always strived to develop new and differentiated products. Our TRX track zero-turn mowers and our TSX tracked stand on mower are our newest additions, both industry firsts. These mowers allow the user to maintain areas they cannot effectively or safely cut with traditional mowers, such as on sloped, wet or rough terrain.

RLD: How do those emission regulations and other EPA issues translate to the rural lifestyle and lawn and turf care markets?

Brazier: We are transitioning to more fuel efficient and quieter EFI engines. We will continue to strive to make Altoz mowers the most efficient and quietest.

RLD:  What would you say are some of the factors that are driving customer buying habits right now?

Brazier: In our market, which is mostly commercial, they are always looking for tools that will allow them to do more and increase their productivity. Commercial operators are looking for equipment that is going to increase opportunities and profitability. Altoz tracked mowers cost-effectively meet both requirements. They allow lawn care professionals to be able to perform jobs that they could not previously or cost effectively do before, giving them more opportunities.

RLD: What sort of product innovations do you kind of foresee in the next 10 years, whether that's for you Altoz specifically or just things you think we're going to kind of see in the industry in the next decade?

Brazier: We believe the industry will demand new products that will improve efficiency and productivity. Altoz will continue to design, develop and bring innovative products to the market to meet these demands. We are really excited to release our next new product later this year and show the world what they will be able to accomplish with this new machine.

RLD: What’s your outlook for the equipment market for this year ahead?

Brazier: I am optimistic. The outdoor power equipment industry is strong and Altoz is well positioned with our current product offerings. We are excited with the potential that our tracked mowers have provided and the future growth opportunity we have. In addition, we look forward to the introduction of the new models later this year and the opportunities they will provide dealers and consumers.


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