Briggs & Stratton is excited to announce the new Vanguard 10kWh Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery Pack is now available for purchase. This is the largest battery pack in the Vanguard lithium-ion lineup, allowing for up to 100 kWh of energy when paralleled with 10 other packs.

"The addition of this larger battery pack expands our lineup to ensure that all power needs can be met," said Chris Davison, senior marketing manager, commercial power. "The 10kWh Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery Pack features all the same benefits as the other roll cage battery packs, just with greater power potential."

Featuring a steel, roll cage design, the 10kWh pack provides maximum protection and was rigorously tested and validated to operate in any environment, including extreme temperatures, impact, vibration, moisture and dirt. As well, the pack's Battery Management System (BMS) constantly monitors and measures the pack's temperature, charge and discharge currents and voltages of each individual cell bank to ensure a safer battery option.

The 10kWh pack also features technology that allows it to track its own power and energy utilization as well as state of health. Customers can use this information to know precisely how much life is left and get the full value out of their battery, while end users can also use the power and energy data to track how their machine performs and find more efficient ways to use it. This means customers can be sure they are getting the best possible return on investment (ROI) by achieving their lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) while improving their processes, becoming more efficient and improving their bottom line.

The patent pending customized battery pack, BMS and charger work seamlessly together to deliver efficient power and performance.

The battery pack features two customizable CANbus networks that integrate with legacy systems, and a prequalified and plug-in-ready sharing system. OEMs can count on uncomplicated integration with any equipment and the ability to service most components — allowing it to be repaired instead of replaced.

Vanguard batteries come with service and support offered in a three-year commercial limited warranty. This integrated battery solution offers superior power and performance backed by Briggs & Stratton.

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