BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – Toro introduced its 2022 residential lineup during GIE+Expo. The most aggressive lineup ever introduced by the company features new powerful engines, aggressive new tires and is headlined by a limited-edition monster of a machine — the TITAN MAX HAVOC edition. 

Building on Toro’s runaway hit with the TITAN MAX, the HAVOC is armed to the teeth with limited-edition features, such as hyper-styled, two-toned aluminum alloy wheels, ultra-bright LED task lights and distinct, aggressive styling that lets everyone know you are not to be messed with. Like the traditional MAX, the HAVOC edition sits on an ultra-strong tubular steel frame, is powered by pure American muscle with a 26 horsepower Kohler 7000 Series engine and rides on massive 23 inch drive tires that deliver optimal traction and one smooth ride. Produced in limited quantities, the HAVOC edition will be the most sought-after residential machine of the year.

 “This machine isn’t playing around,” said Clint Briscoe, marketing manager at Toro. “When we dreamed up this monster, we wanted to give homeowners a machine that sent an immediate message to their property and their neighbors. The HAVOC tells everyone you’re serious about lawn maintenance, and you will do it however you please.”  

The 2022 residential lineup will continue to feature the standard TITAN MAX zero-turn mower, which is engineered to tackle vast expanses with ease. Designed with Toro’s professional-strength DNA at its core, this machine delivers it all — from precision grass cutting for manicured lawns to the brute strength required to tame pasture lands. It’s everything a homeowner who mows four or more acres needs to get the job done efficiently. 

The 2022 large acreage lineup will continue to be anchored by the TITAN family of products and will be more aggressive and powerful than ever. The full TITAN lineup will now be fully outfitted with the largest powerplant in Toro’s residential lineup with the 26 horsepower Kohler 7000 Series engine. In 2022, the TITAN lineup will also feature enhanced 22” tires with ultra-aggressive tread for upgraded styling and optimized traction.  

“Like our customers, our TITAN lineup is made to be bold,” said Briscoe. “If you need to tackle big acreage, we have the best portfolio of machines to help you get the job done.”  

The Toro residential lineup of zero-turn mowers are available through Tractor Supply Company, Toro’s trusted network of independent dealers and at The Home Depot. 


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