According to a post from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Kubota has recalled 48,875 units of its RTV-X1100C Model Utility Vehicles. This recall involves model year 2013 through 2021 base model Kubota RTV-X1100C Utility Vehicles. Recalled units have serial numbers ranging from 10001 through 67546. 

The hazard was described as follows, "The floor mats on the recalled Kubota utility vehicles can warp or degrade and interfere with the throttle pedal, posing crash and injury hazards."

Kubota gave the following remedy for the hazard, "Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled utility vehicles and contact an Authorized Kubota dealer.  If the floormat is warped or degraded, consumers will receive a new floormat installed by the dealer that will be secured by rivets to the floor. If the utility vehicles floormat is not warped or degraded, the dealer will complete a modification to the existing floormat by trimming the mat and then securing it by rivets to the floor. Kubota is contacting all known consumers directly."

Kubota has reportedly received one report of a "loss of control that resulted in black eyes and minor bruising."